Google Assistant

The wait is over now as Google Assistant can finally identify music/songs that are playing around you. This feature was first introduced in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL smartphones and at the time of the launch last month, the company relayed that the Assistant on other devices will also receive this feature soon.

How does it work?

You can listen to or identify your desired song by just following a few easy steps:

  • Summon Google Assistant
  • Ask “What’s this song?” or “What song is playing?”
  • You can also select “What’s this song?” suggestion from the wide array of choices presented by the assistant.
  • Google Assistant will provide an info card containing some lyrics, name of the artists and the album alongside embedded links to the song
Google Assistant
Google Assistant in Action

This feature is also currently being used by other virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Siri, and others.

How are other AI Assistants different from Google Assistant in this regard?

Alexa can find and play music with over 500 ‘activity phrases’. But on the other hand it has a very limited device compatibility range and only works on some gadgets.

Siri merely searches on Bing when it is given a task and fails miserably when compared to google assistant. Also, Google’s AI was rated as having a higher IQ than Apple’s Siri.

It is evident that google assistant is the most functional of all the virtual assistants out there. We are not yet sure how widely this feature is available as some Canadian users reportedly haven’t received the update while it is fully functional in multiple places of Europe and Asia, including Malaysia and France.

Virtual Assistants are improving day by day with new advancements every day where tech companies are competing with one another and taking every possible step to improve their functionality to lead in this area.

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