Google Assistant

Tired of speaking in English and long to be recognized while your talking in your native language? Well, Google has heard your woes as by the end of 2018, the tech giant is making its Google Assistant multi-lingual.

By the end of 2018, Google Assistant will be capable of recognizing and speaking 30 languages and the update will reach 95% of eligible Android devices around the world. Initially, Google will be including Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Thai as the first new languages.

Urdu has not made the initial cut yet but due to some similarity, Urdu-speaking people will also get some peace of mind while talking to Google Assistant. We cannot for sure what other languages will it support but here’s to hoping that we will be able to talk in Urdu will Google Assistant before we welcome 2019.

The best thing about this new update is that the company’s digital assistant will be multi-lingual meaning that you don’t have to change the settings if you want to switch between different languages.

If you speak in multiple languages, it will understand you without a hiccup. This feature will first be available for English, French, and German, and other will receive the support later on.

Google’ AI has been proved to have higher IQ than Apple’s Siri in a research last year and most Android phones depend on it to help the users.

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