Google Calendar now helps “Find A Suitable Time” for your meetings

Google Calendar Find A Time

Google Calendar has added a new feature, called “Find A Time” on its Android version. With this feature, people are now able to set timings for meetings in an intelligent style.

Find A Time feature helps to set the timings of meeting that is suitable for everyone. The new function is designed for the business-related people and the students. When you tap “Find A Time” in your Google Calendar app, the app shows meeting timings that are suitable for everyone.

Even if the person you are trying to invite into the meeting is in different time zone, Google Calendar finds the best time for him/her, based on the person’s previous meeting timings. If Google fails to find any suitable time, it finds out which of the meetings can be easily rescheduled.

The function is currently available on Android version of this app and Google has the plan to launch it on iOS as well. Find A Time also shows the timings that it has set to each user.

“Smartphones have made productivity portable. You no longer have to be at your desk to catch up on meeting notes, dial into a conference call, or send an email. But scheduling meetings on the go is still difficult, as you have to open your laptop to check everyone’s calendar and find a time that works,” said Stella Schieffer, Product Manager for Google Calendar.

This kind of function is not first-of-its-kind, last year Microsoft announced a similar feature for its Outlook Calendar app. The function was called “FindTime.”

Google also launched “Goals” option recently in its Calendar app. “Goals” help the users to complete their personal goals in specified time. Like, gaining muscles, learning a new language or completing a task.

Google Calendar is the most widely used calendar app on smartphones. It comes with many built-in features like To-Do List, Reminders, Event timings, Holidays information.

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