Google Chrome stands at number one; crosses one billion active users

Google Chrome

With the release of the 50th version of Chrome web browser, Google has just revealed the figures of how many people use its browser. According to the statistics revealed, more than one billion people on earth use Google Chrome daily to get access to their favourite websites.

Google also explained that 771 million web pages are loaded each month, people don’t have to type 500 billion characters each month because Google offers enhanced autocomplete feature on its Chrome browser.

The company has also revealed that it saved 2 million gigabytes of data each month with data-saving features. It translates 3.6 billion pages every day, fills 9.1 billion passwords automatically using the cache and cookies. Google Chrome also saves its users from millions of malicious pages using its smart warnings.

Interestingly, to date,  the company has also awarded $2.5 million to the individuals who have found errors and reported them to the authorities at Google.

If we talk about other web browsers, Mozilla Firefox is the second most used web browser in the world but most of its internet traffic is generated from desktop computers, only a small number of people use Firefox on the smartphone.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is the third most popular web browser, A few years ago, Internet Explorer was the most used web browser. 95% of internet users used to rely on. But with the release of Chrome and Firefox, its users are decreasing on a daily basis. Also, Microsoft is now focusing on its Edge web browser, which is still just a baby.

Apple’s Safari is the fourth most used web browsers. It is the default web browser on all of the iOS-based devices. Opera is the fifth most used web browser, it is popular for its extra fast web-loading features on the mobile phone. This web browser also compresses the data before loading.

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