Google to release a smartphone by 2017 to compete iPhone

Google smartphone

Google is planning to design its Android smartphone. The device is expected to be released in January, next year.

The idea is to compete with the Apple’s iPhone series. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the iPhone is that its manufacturer has the control over both the hardware and software of its smartphone.

Now, Google wants to do the same with its Android OS. It seeks to create the device as well as the operating system.

Presently, Google partners with the major companies like HTC, Huawei, and LG to introduce its Nexus-branded smartphones. It creates the design of these devices, but the other companies manufacture them.

The Mountain View-based company is in talks with major telecom operators about the new smartphone. Analysts say that the company might soon end the access to its operating system. But, the number of users of Android would be decreased if Google stops the access.

Google’s smartphone would be more efficient for Android because the company knows the best how to optimize its device for its OS. So, there is a chance that the performance of Android will also be enhanced if we use it on company’s device.

Earlier, the company told app developers that they should design their apps on the new Material Design technology.

In future, Huawei does not want to depend on Google

On the other hand, Huawei – the third largest smartphone manufacturer is interested in making its operating system, possibly because it fears that some day Google will make its hardware, and will end the access to Android. So, depending upon Google’s software won’t be a good idea for Huawei.

Presently, Android-based smartphones are available in the market in almost every price range. But if Google becomes the only company to release the Android-powered phones, the users would have fewer choices regarding price.

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