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Each year, Google brings together a group of investors, from around the world to highlight innovative startups and drive investment. Their first-ever Demo Day in Asia will be hosted in Shanghai, China on September 20.

The startups that impress could come home with funding from investors and up to $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform credits.

The startup ideas come from different countries across Asia-Pacific, in industries as diverse as agriculture, entertainment and healthcare.

Out of 305 qualifying applications, the 10 finalists that will take the stage at Google Demo Day Asia are:


Marham from Pakistan is a healthcare platform that helps people find, book appointments, and consult with doctors online.

Google Demo Day Asia
The team of Marham Startup

It is essentially a digital go-to platform for everyone’s healthcare needs. A user can search for medical staff, leave feedback, meet with fellows on the forum and read health-related content at the blog section. Starting from the web, now the platform has a presence on Android and iOS as well.

Other Participants

  • DycodeX from Indonesia develops Internet of Things solutions for livestock farming.
  • FreightExchange from Australia is an online platform for freight carriers to sell their unused space to shippers.
  • GITAI from Japan specializes in building robots that can help humans conduct scientific experiments in space.
  • Miotech from China is a fintech startup developing artificial intelligence-based software for financial services firms.
  • OneStockHome from Thailand offers an e-commerce platform for construction materials.
  • Origami Labs from Hong Kong makes smart rings that let people hear and send text messages without taking out their phones.
  • SigTuple from India creates AI-based solutions to automate healthcare screening.
  • SkyMagic from Singapore produces drone swarming technology for live entertainment and traffic management systems.
  • Swingvy from Korea provides human resources solutions for businesses.

Several of the investor companies belong to organizations that are in the Google for Entrepreneurs partner network in Asia-Pacific, including Kibar in Indonesia, Fishburners in Australia, Hubba in Thailand, and Found. in Singapore.

The Google for Entrepreneurs partner network is a global community of over 50 co-working spaces and programs supporting startups.

Congratulations to these startups and their founders! They will pitch to a distinguished panel of leaders from Google for Entrepreneurs, Sequoia Capital and Venturra Capital in a few weeks’ time at Google Demo Day Asia.

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