Google is expected to launch Android N with lot of Virtual Reality features

Android N Virtual Reality features

Virtual Reality devices started getting popular since large electronics companies like LG and Samsung started taking an interest in them. In the Mobile World Congress 2016, Mark Zuckerberg also appreciated Virtual Reality technology and said that Facebook will also build a platform especially for this kind of devices.

As all the big companies are now focusing on adopting this technology, Google is also doing its efforts to add many features for the VR lovers in the upcoming version of its popular operating system.

There is an option called “VR helper services” in the latest version of Android N. In the developer preview of Android N,

you can check this feature out by going to the Settings-> Apps-> Configure Apps-> tap on the Gear icon on the upper right corner-> Special Sccess-> VR helper services.

What will be the use of this feature? We cannot say what is the exact purpose of this option, but it looks like this will assist the user in connecting his virtual reality device to the smartphone.

Right now, Google does not offer any virtual reality device, but it owns a platform called Google Cardboard, it encourages people to take an interest in VR devices. The Google Cardboard is fun and affordable to use and it can either be purchased or made at home. The function of the device is very simple, you put the smartphone into the back of the cardboard and view it with the lenses provided in the device.

There are much more VR-related features expected in the latest version of Android.

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