Google adds fitness tracking features on Calendar app

Google Calendar App

So you are overweight and you want to be slim? If yes, then start setting your goals for 2017 to lose some weight and set reminders on your Google Calendar app. Why? Well, the search engine has rolled out a new update to this app for helping you in staying fit and healthy.

As you might already know, Google Calendar app has an option called “Goals,” which lets you set your health targets and automatically find the suitable time from your schedule for them. The company has now added new features to this option. The app now gets your health data from Google Fit and Apple Health apps to automatically check if you have completed your fitness activity.

Keeping in mind the issues of health, the company has decided to add this new feature. For example, let’s say you have decided to go for bicycle riding every day at 6PM, but you don’t find time, and you get an important task to complete. Just set a reminder on Google Calendar, and the app will automatically suggest the best time for you to go for the bicycle riding.

“Today, we’re introducing Goals in Google Calendar. Just add a personal goal—like “run 3 times a week”—and Calendar will help you find the time and stick to it,” Google stated in a blog post.

You can also connect your wearable device to the Google Calendar app and automatically save all of your health activities on this app.

Last year in April, Google added Find A Time on this app to let people  set timings for meetings in an intelligent style.

Google Calendar is one of the best scheduling app available on the Google Play Store, and comes with a lot of extra features, which other calendar apps fail to offer. The app is not only available for Android users, but also for the iOS users.

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