Google Hire can help people find jobs

The technology giant, Google is offering a new service to help the potential employers and employees to find their perfect match with Google Hire.

In Pakistan, many online businesses like Rozee, Jobee etc. have made job hunting a bit easy for the masses. Also, a major international player LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to come together on a separate portal and connect with each other. The job hunt is not limited to these sites as social media plays a vital role in finding the right placement.

The new move by Google hasn’t officially been announced by the company but their website is already live. The service would likely allow various companies to post their job listings on their site where they can also accept and manage user applications.

Recently, it was also rumoured that the company would share the users’ browsing data with the employer¬†but the company has since rubbished these claims.

It is not yet confirmed when the service would be officially available, but with the website up and running we hope that we won’t have to wait too long.

There is already much competition in Pakistan when it comes to online job portals. So if Google would like to make their way into our local industry, they would have to offer better incentives and service to companies and users.


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