Google History Page settings

Google monitors your searching methods, keywords and the websites that you visit. It stores this data in its database and shows the advertisements on the websites according to your taste. For example, if you spend most of the time on the technology-related websites, then the search engine displays the ads of tech sites on the pages you visit. If you prefer visiting music downloading websites, Google displays the ads of music softwares, other entertainment websites etc.

The videos you watch on YouTube and the places you look up on the Google Maps are also recorded by the California-based company.

What is Google History Page?

You can check what the search engine knows about you by visiting the Google History page. You have to sign in before you can adjust these settings.

On Google history page, click the “all time” option to check the history of web searches you’ve made on the Google. You can click the “delete” button appearing on the upper-right corner to delete the history.

On the upper-left corner, there appears a menu sign. Click it to view the options of YouTube history, location history, and device information.

When you click on location history, the site will take you to the Google Maps page and show you the places where you have been. You can delete the location history by clicking on the delete icon appearing at the lower-left side.

To manually adjust the Google ads settings, visit the ads settings page.


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