Google Instant Apps lets you enjoy apps without downloading

Android Instant Apps

When Google took the wraps off its latest Android OS a year ago, Instant Apps was one of the most standout features. Much like Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby whose full release has been delayed, the Instant Apps was also not available for Android users back then.

Reports suggest that Google is now ready to roll out the amazing feature on devices running Android Nougat 7.0 and tablets running older versions of Android. According to Google, Instant Apps lets you enjoy apps without downloading.

If the feature works as Google says it would, it will prove to be a great addition to the OS and also solve many problems. To start with, users will not have to keep an application installed just because they want to use it now and then. Moreover, Google will enable the developers to make a portion of premium apps available for free, so the users do not have to buy the app but can test a chunk of the app first.

An Instant Apps like feature is not available on the iOS. According to sources, Instant Apps is rolling out on devices with Android N but will later be available to most of the Android devices. Users will have a choice to enable or disable the feature in settings and also choose which Google account to associate with it.

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