Google to launch YouTube Connect to compete with Facebook Live and Periscope

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Streaming the live videos from a smartphone is a new kind of trend which is getting much popular after the launch of Facebook’s live video streaming service and Twitter’s Periscope. To compete with these services, Google is working on a live video streaming technology for its video-sharing website, YouTube. The new technology is called YouTube Connect.

YouTube Connect is an app, which will be available very soon for Android and iOS-based smartphones. The app will let user live any moment on YouTube without the need of uploading. The user will be able to live stream any event.

It seems like Google was in fear that the live streaming services like Periscope and Facebook Live will fail its video sharing site, YouTube. That’s why the Mountain-view based company is planning to launch YouTube Connect. When contacted by media, Google did not officially comment on the topic.

It is important to mention here that some Android smartphones from Sony already feature an option to live stream any video to the YouTube through the built-in camera app. The new app will help Google to increase further its ever growing video database on YouTube, which is the world’s largest video sharing website.

Expected features of YouTube Connect

According to a source, YouTube Connect for iOS and Android will work with any Google account. The user will be able to log in using his existing Google account and instantly begin streaming the videos live from the smartphone.

There will be a chat feature, which will allow a the user to communicate with his YouTube friends. News Feed feature will allow the user to check out the latest video clips from followed accounts. There will be a tagging feature too. The user will be authorized to save the video in the app.

The app will be free of charge.

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