Google Maps Parking

Google has been helping consumers in the past with an automatic parking detection feature that lets users find their cars when its time to leave but the new addition to the Maps app is a lot more convenient and simpler to use.

For this feature to work location should be enabled. You will have to simply open Google Maps and tap on ‘Save your Parking’ to save the spot. Users can even add in details such as rows or section numbers and nearby landmarks to let them find the car on the way back.

Custom notes can also be added and you can send a screenshot to friends so they can know where you are parked waiting for them to reach you. Moreover, if you’re parked at a timed spot that overcharges you after a certain time you can set for how long you want to park your car and the app will notify you 15 minutes before the time you entered.

Furthermore, you can take a photo to remind yourself where you parked the car. The new addition to Google Maps is now available with the existing options of sharing location and checking what’s nearby.

The new update is rolling out to all Android and iOS users and will not require an update. Google is focusing on consumers more than ever with the introduction of a built-in ad blocker in its web browser and new job portal, Google Hire.

Image Source: Android Headlines


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