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Are you reluctant to visit a doctor? Well, you would be because it’s not easy to get an appointment and moreover it is costly as well. In this situation, Google is here to help you!

Google is making the things easier for you, thanks to its improved symptom search result that helps you know the potential causes of your sickness. It prevents you from jumping to some scariest conclusions.

The exciting symptom search of Google will show related conditions to help specify how you are feeling. For instance, if you are having the headache on one side, it may lead you to suggestions like tension headaches, migraine or congestion from the common cold as possible causes.

Moreover, it will provide simple self-treated remedies, or notify the user if the symptoms are indicating towards something serious. It will suggest you if you are in need to visit your health care provider.

Another potential advantage of this new symptom search is how it could interact with its upcoming Google Home smart speaker powered by Google’s powerful search technology.

The digital assistance can be a plus point as it enables the user to diagnose ailment on the fly. You can also learn to administer first-aid in case of emergencies.



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