Google Pixel is as secure as iPhone; comes with extra security features

Google Pixel smartphones

When it comes to security, people quickly say Apple’s devices are more secure than the gadgets from any other company. Apple offers a variety of security features on its iOS, which exceed what Windows and Android provides. Moreover, many people firmly believe that the iOS is not vulnerable to hacks. But, according to the director of security for Android, the company’s latest smartphones, i.e., Google Pixel and Pixel XL are as secure as iPhone. According to him, a security software “Safety Net” checks 400 million devices and 6 billion apps per day for providing the security to the Android.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL offer great features for increasing security of the user’s data. The engineer said that an Android exploit called Stagefright, which gained a lot of popularity last year, has never hit any Android device. He stated that the smartphone manufacturing companies and carriers need to keep sending the latest updates to the devices, in this way, the security can be enhanced for the Android devices.

The director of security for Android has said that not all the Android devices get the latest updates at the same time, and Google is working to fix this issue. The number of Android smartphones that are running the less secure apps is slight but, it is still a concern for Google.

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For securing an Android device, there are a lot of verified apps available on the Google’s Play Store, one of them is the Device Manager, which allows the user to remotely erase all the data on their Android smartphone, make the device ring, or see its location on the Google Maps.

Moreover, a lot of free antivirus applications that were previously available for PC users only are now available on Android as well. You can install them to make your smartphone secure. Some of the popular antivirus software are Avast, Norton, and Avira.

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