Google Play Store sees alarming increase in fake app reviews

Play Store

Fake reviews on the Google Play Store is not a new thing, but the rate of these reviews is growing exponentially.  Analysts and users alike have requested and demanded that Google resolves this issue as soon as possible.

The problem has attracted limelight since the past few weeks when users reported 5 start reviews on a messaging app Whatsapp. While there is no harm giving all these stars to a messaging app but it sounds seriously suspicious when a user writes ‘great game’ or ‘great bonuses’ with such a rating. This sort of a review points clearly towards a Bot commenting.

The issue is now not limited to Whatsapp but has expanded to apps like Chrome, Gmail, Facebook Messenger and others in an attempt raise credibility in the Play Store. An easy way to spot a fake review from a mile away is that the usernames are usually blank, not linked to any account and a lot of comments are related to gaming whereas the app has nothing to do with games.

Fake reiews Play Store

Moreover, it is reported that the bots are now getting smarter giving less positive reviews making it hard to identify the real reviews from fake ones. The real problem comes when these bots rate apps that are sub par and harm your device.

Google has not provided an official response yet but it has to take responsibility for the 1 billion users it already caters to is expected to with reports of smart watch sales likely to increase and the takeover of Android from Windows in terms of internet usage.

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