A security breach in Google Plus that exposed private information of half a million users, was revealed in March 2018, probably acted as the last nail in the coffin for the social media platform and has resulted in the company deciding its closure.

According to a company statement, the closure will take place over a period of ten months and will only affect the “consumer” version of this application.  “The decision to unplug Google Plus is part of Project Strobe, part of an internal investigation that was born in early 2018”, Google emphasized.

Google says that currently, the network has “low usage and participation” and 90% of users last less than 5 seconds on it. However, it plans to keep the service alive for companies that use this network to hold conversations among their workers.

Google is focusing on “a secure corporate social network” to provide its users with a sense of security. The whole data breach fiasco happened in 2015 but surfaced in 2018 to which Wall Street Journal posed a question about Google not alerting its users about the security lapse in time.

Google was of the view that it never alerts users of such type of failure if there is no evidence of misuse of data or if users do not have to take any action.

The much hyped social network, Google Plus, was launched in June 2011 and was aimed to rival the other prevailing giants like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, it didn’t get as much famous as it was hoped for due to some reasons including its cluttered and non user friendly user interface.