Google Posts

Now users will be able to write anything, add pictures, videos, and publish their content immediately in real-time on the search engine without having to wait.

Google Posts is a new kind of feature, which is being tested by Google on selected search terms. The feature will allow the celebrities and famous personalities to post their content in a Twitter-like style on Google. It is currently not available for all Google search results.

Presently, the feature is directed to communicate with 2016 US Presidential candidates in real-time. It gives users the chance of hearing from the candidates right from the Google search results, instead of getting the update from the news channels.

Google has the plan to unveil this service to other prominent personalities and celebrities very soon. You can start posting on Google Posts but your post will not appear in the search results, for the time being, rather they will be queued until Google officially release the service.

“In the future, we plan to make it available to other prominent figures and organizations. If you’re interested, please join the waitlist,” said Google.

To adhere to the wait list, simply visit Google Posts website, click “Join the waitlist”, enter your name, email address, and any additional note, and click on “Submit” button.

The service is also available to the selected business companies, such as Andrew Jewelers. You can type the word “Andrew Jewelers” in your search query to check the new service. The third result on the page is from Google Posts website, and when you click any post, it will take you to the Posts website.

The feature is very similar to Twitter search results and Google cards. You can click on arrows, which appear near cards to swipe the posts. The content that can be shared includes texts, videos, and pictures. Posts can also be shared on the social media websites.

We can also expect an official Android app from Google very soon, specially designed to access Google Posts service right from the smartphone.


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