Two new Google smartwatches are coming in 2017 with Android Wear 2.0

Google smartwatches rumors

Google is in process of developing two smartwatches, which will be unveiled next year. A third-party company will manufacture these watches for Google and they won’t be branded as “Pixel.” The company has recently rolled out the developer preview version 4 for the Android Wear 2.0. The new version of Android Wear will be available for some of the previous smartwatches as well. The two new Google smartwatches will also use Android Wear 2.0.

Google smartwatches will be the first devices to run on the newer platform. The company has hinted that some major smartwatch manufacturers will restart producing the devices in 2017. There were rumors of these two smartwatches, but now, Google has officially confirmed that it will introduce these devices, very soon. According to the company, there is a great demand for the wearable devices.

Google has not yet announced which third-party company will make the smartwatches, it says that it has partnered with an organization that has made many famous smartwatches in the past.

What’s new in Android Wear 2.0?

The latest version of Android Wear comes with a number of useful features, such as standalone apps, which allows the users to use the apps on the smartwatch without having to install them on the smartphone. The company has also added Google Pay support for Google’s virtual assistant. Moreover, the Android Wear 20 packs some features that are also available on the Google Pixel smartphone.

The final preview of the new platform will be launched in January 2017. The developers will get a chance to test their apps on this version.

Not only Google is developing some new smartwatches, but famous company Nokia is also working to come back into the industry by introducing smartwatches.

The Nokia smartwatch will come with a number of features like Swipe Interface, App Interface, Step counter, phone finder, music, and Facebook. Moreover, there is also a physical button, which lets you switch between the watch face and the app interface.

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