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Apple has reportedly announced the new revenue sharing policy for its app developers. According to the company, it will soon allow the developers to keep 85% of the money they generate from the users of their iOS-based apps. Apple will take only 15% revenue. The new policy will be applied to the users who have been paying for at least one year for an app.

Now, it seems like Google is also trying to copy the same revenue sharing policy. The company says that the developers of its Android apps will soon be able to keep 85% of the revenue they make from the in-app purchases made by the subscribers of their apps.

Google to announce new revenue sharing policy for app developers

Google will keep 15% of the revenue. But Google’s policy does not need an app developer to make the user keep paying for at least one year before getting this offer. Instead, the service will be available without any delay.

Presently, both the companies allow the app developers to keep only 70% of the money they make by selling their applications on the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. The new policy is just like a surprise for the developers. However, there is no official confirmation about the updated plans.

Apparently, the both Apple and Google want to engage the app makers in developing the apps for their platforms. The competition is also very high. The company that allows the developers to keep more money gets the more developers.

On the other hand, if we talk about Microsoft’s Windows, the company allows their programmers to earn a lot more than the app developers of the rival operating systems. But, the number of users of Windows apps is very small as compared to the Android and iOS users.

The app developers spend a lot of time in creating the fantastic apps, but unfortunately, some people don’t purchase their apps legally. Instead, they just download a pirated copy from one of the illegal websites available openly on the internet.


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