Google Trends with top smartphones

Latest Google Trends have been released as a part of Year in Search 2016 and lists the trending smartphones of the year. The trending lists by Google shows the most searched keywords by the people in different regions and also around the world. The Consumer Tech trending globally include:

When it comes to handheld devices only two brands dominated the 2016 consumer tech list, one is Apple, and the other is Samsung. Different versions of iPhone and Samsung devices trended among consumers globally but other big names like Huawei, 3rd largest smartphone brand, are missing from the list. Also, OPPO a rising global smartphone brand hasn’t made many waves in terms of making any trending events.

According to WSJ‘s figures Samsung dominates the global market with a market share of 22%, Apple ranks in second with 13%, and Huawei ranks third with about 9.4% of the global market. According to Gartner the third quarter of worldwide smartphone sales by vendor places OPPO in the fourth position. In spite of such exemplary numbers both the brands are absent from Google trends involving consumer tech which raises the question why people are not searching for these global smartphone brands?

Global smartphone Shares 2016
Global Smartphone Shares 3rd Quarter of 2016

To simply answer the above question, Huawei and OPPO lack the overall appeal which Samsung and Apple have created, that even with their failures they are strong enough in the market and among the tech communities. This strength makes them very challenging brand for others to go head to head with.

In many regions around the world, Huawei and OPPO have successfully increased their market share and have challenged Samsung and Apple but still they cannot place themselves as a premium alternative to these brands. Huawei has recently entered into the premium smartphones category this year with the introduction of Mate9.

Apple and Samsung create the anticipation for their coming smartphones among techies and always try to maintain the buzz about its devices that are present in the market whereas Huawei and OPPO struggle to create the same level of excitement in the tech community and the everyday consumers.

HTC smartphones also are absent from 2016 Google trends most searched devices as they aggressively try to spread the news in Pakistan that they will make a comeback in the coming year. In late November 2016 many rumors were surrounding the company that in the face of many losses HTC will sell its smartphone business. Those rumors were eventually put to rest by the company, but HTC has failed to make much of a dent in the smartphone market, compared to the likes of Samsung and Apple.

Long story short, Huawei, OPPO and HTC no doubt are big names in the gadget and smartphone industry, but they still struggle with impressing the people and creating a buzz around their brand and smartphones. To lead the industry is not just to create the best product but to make people want that product above any other brands’. That is the secret of Samsung and Apple’s success.


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