Google Voice Access lets blind users easily use Android smartphone

The user will just need to speak to access any mobile app

Google Voice Access

Google has just announced a new app, Google Voice Access that lets people with disabilities use main features of their smartphone by just speaking. It is currently in beta version.

The application has been removed from the Play Store because, at this time, the testing program has enough testers and is not accepting more users. But don’t worry, the final version is expected to arrive very soon.

When you install and activate Google Voice Access, a number is assigned to every app on your smartphone. You can fire up the app by just saying the number. For example, if number 2 is assigned to Facebook app, you can just say “2” and the Facebook app will launch. This method also reduces the chance of accessibility feature hearing you wrong.

To enable Voice Access, you have to download the app and then activate it from the Accessibility Settings of your Android smartphone. Voice Access app also allows you to type text by speaking and other similar features.

According to a report, at least 2.5 percent of the Pakistani population is blind

This fact makes it hard for them to access and interact with technology and limits the opportunity that technology can bring. That’s why it’s so important to build tools to make technology accessible to everyone.”

Google has also announced that the latest version of its Android operating system will come with a lot of built-in accessibility features and the company is improving some of the functions for the visually impaired users and the people with hearing disabilities.

Not only this, Google is also interested in adding accessibility apps to its web-based services such as Docs and Chrome

It is worth mentioning here that Apple already offers a variety of applications such as VoiceOver, SpeakScreen etc for the people with disabilities.

On the other hand, if we see in Pakistan, PTA and telcos are promoting local apps for their annual Mobile App Awards, and the theme for this event in 2016 is Mobile Apps for Disabled Persons.

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