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Check out Google Play’s top five list of for the most popular games around the world in 2016.

Pokemon Go

Augmented reality game developed by Niantic has taken the world by storm as millions around the globe try to catch, locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures. The location-based game launched in July 2016 though is available only in a few regions, but the Android gaming sensation has been downloaded throughout the globe via APK. The application promoted physical activities but also attracted a lot of controversy due to various accidents and inconvenience to the general public


Clash Royale

Mobile strategy game developed by Supercell is a multiplayer online battle arena where users strategize to defeat opponents and win trophies. The game provides different elements from collectable card games and tower defences and where troops brawl and destroy the opponent’s towers. The creators of Clash of Clans have captivated their audience with their new instalment with the defences and Royales that they grew to love. The game has created quite the buzz since its launch where all the players are trying to build their battle community.

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Traffic Rider

From the developers of Traffic Racer comes another addicting application on two wheels. This game has made people talking about the new era of race games with its better graphics, first person view, real motorbike sounds recorded from bikes, detailed environments and a career mode with more than 70 missions. It is a Need for Speed era for bikes where the players can roam around on the endless highway roads, overtake the traffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to complete their missions.



A treat for the original arcade game lovers as Slither.io brings back the snake games craze. In this gaming, application players play against each other online to see who can become the longest player. The rules are simple if your head touches another player its game over, but if you others run into you, they will explode and you’re free to eat their remains. The game is quite addicting as it has got millions around the world hooked up trying to grow and nurture their snake to earn the title of the winner.

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Dream League Soccer

An association video game which was officially launched under the name Dream League Soccer 2016 is all about creating a dream football team. The player starts by being a manager of a team called Dream FC which has to complete its season objectives to become the best team on the planet. The game has been received positively worldwide with ecstatic users strategizing and working towards building the soccer team that features their favourite players.

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