Punjab Government has ceased the free Wifi services across the province due to lack of funds, reports local media.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) was the company behind the project, and it has suspended the services after the government failed to pay the dues worth Rs. 150 million.

Our sources tell us that the government thinks free wifi services are a burden on national exchequer and currently they have no money to afford such services. Moreover, there are also chances that government could transfer or sack the employees of Punjab free Wifi project.

Punjab Free Wifi was the brainchild of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Although the service was never up to the mark, the approach was commendable indeed. The PITB was providing free Wifi services in almost 250 location across the province including educational institutes, railway station, public places, and even the metro stations.

Students and travelers are disappointed by the termination of free Wifi services and asked the government not to sack the projects related to public interest. Ironically earlier Punjab government also expressed its will to abort the metro bus subsidy.

“The free Wifi service was incredible. I had never thought the underdeveloped country like Pakistan could furnish such a free service. However, it’s unfortunate that it has been discontinued,” commented a student.

Travelers used to communicate with their families with the help of free wifi service and people used to browse the internet to keep up with the world. “I used to read news and surf social media while commuting to my university,” said student of GC University Lahore.

Already people are upset due to increased prices of mobile phones, cars, and other commodities. Although it’s understandable that the government is having a hard time regarding budget deficit, they must not terminate projects like Punjab free Wifi.