Though it may be a challenge to bring social media in the scope of the law, to curtail the spread of fake news Pakistan government has decided to regulate social media, professed Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

The narrative came after the damage caused by the recent protests by TLP. He emphasized that fake news and fake notifications surface up from fake accounts that result in misleading the masses, which should be controlled.

“We have a very powerful media and independent judiciary. No one has the license to incite others to violence. Pakistanis are a self-critic nation,” he said. “We ask so many questions and also criticize ourselves,” he added.

Earlier the government had decided to integrate the individual functionality of PEMRA and the Press Council into a single entity called Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority which would also look over and regulate social media.

Answering a question Fawad Chaudhry said that Pakistan was an open country with regard to expression of information, however that does not justify fake information. Private TV channels broadcast certain news in their breaking that later prove to be fake.

He also said that the social media was controlled by the developed countries and has definitely a huge impact on the under-developed ones. The fact that social media can penetrate and impact on the developing economies, needs to recognized by the controlling giants.