apps for the disabled

Ministry of IT and Telecom has joined hands with the information technology sector of Pakistan to develop applications that can improve the lives of mentally or physically challenged in the country. In this regard, MoIT is funding different programs undertaken by private organizations to develop specific apps for the disabled that can help to make their lives better in the country.

The Ministry has allocated Rs. 124 million to promote such startups which would aid them in training and to get the required funding for their projects.

According to World Bank, 15% of the world population experience some kind of physical and mental disability where the developing countries have a higher prevalence as compared to the developed countries.

Technology has enabled the people around the world to better their lives and thus has provided the tools to help people with disabilities live a somewhat normal life. The Pakistani government need sustained efforts if it wants to see this program flourish and not wither and die like many other government initiatives.

There are already many special apps for the disabled but looking at the issues that special people face in Pakistan, we need localized solutions that can cater the target market in a unique way.

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