Government Hospitals to be computerised

Unlike government hospitals, the patients of private hospitals have the facility to register themselves instantly, get all the information from the website of the hospital, and get prescriptions.

However, in the government hospitals, it is like a headache for the patients to get any information and register themselves. Because the systems in the Government hospitals are manual, not computerized. 

For the facilitation of the patients, the district government has now decided to digitalize all the information related to the patients, and the systems and procedures of the government hospitals of Lahore.

After this decision, the usage of the papers will be reduced in the hospitals.

Instead of tokens, the digital codes will be provided to the patients for getting the treatment from a hospital or the dispensary.

With this procedure, all the information of the patient will be readily accessible to the management of the hospital.

The stock of medicines, attendance of the doctors and the other staff, the status of the medical equipment, the tools available in the medical laboratories, and the other records will be checked online.

List of hospitals that will be digitalized on priority basis:

The system will be applied to the following hospitals:

  1. Government Samanabad Hospital
  2. Mian Mir Hospital
  3. Bilal Ganj Hospital
  4. Shahdara Hospital

and other district hospitals as well. Apart from this 200 dispensaries will also become computerized.

The workshops will also be organized for the doctors and the other staff of the hospitals for teaching them about the digital system.

A briefing was given in the Town Hall Lahore by the concerned private firm.

It was attended by District Coordination Officer (DCO) Capt (R) Muhammad Usman, ADCG Irfan Memon, EDO (Finance & Planning) Tariq Manzoor Chandio, EDO Health, and other senior officers.

After the briefing, DCO Muhammad Usman approved the computer system for the government hospitals and the dispensaries.

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