Islamabad RFID Technology

The entry and exit points in the federal capital will soon monitor and identify the commuters coming to the city using RFID technology

In a meeting today, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar directed ICT Traffic Police to make intercity connection easier for the commuters. He has also directed that through the use of technology these points should be connected with the Safe City.

By May 2017, all the entry and exit points of Islamabad would be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification barrier by May this year enabling smooth entry and exit of the commuters and ensuring the enhanced security of the federal capital.

Chairman NADRA has been tasked to combine the RFID system with facial recognition technology for enhanced security and facilitation purposes. using this system, the authorities would know who entered and exited the city in real time.

According to the Interior Minister, RFID tag system with distinct color would save the commuters from the hassles of frequent security checks at various police checkpoints and would enable the ICT Police to ensure optimum utilization of its human resource.

NADRA and ICT have been given two weeks time for working out modalities of cost calculation and issuance provision of RFID tags to the regular commuters. Previously

Additional lanes would also be added on the basis of need and availability at all entry and exit points of the capital to ease traffic congestion at these terminals.

Chaudhary Nisar was displeased dissatisfaction over the present state of traffic management on the main highways. He observed that little change can be witnessed in ground in the traffic management system where the citizens continue to face logjam during peak hours.

Previously, he gave 48 hours to Islamabad and Rawalpindi Traffic Police to come up with a comprehensive traffic management plan to ease traffic congestion on various roads of the twin cities.

The Minister directed that scientific methods should be adopted for traffic management with distinct traffic flow plan for the peak hours and lean timings.


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