government to shutdown Social media

Social media under cross hairs as yesterday, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb cautioned that anyone running a vilification campaign against PM Nawaz Sharif and his family on social media could face prosecution under the cybercrime law.

As the verdict of Panama papers draws closer, both parties take it to the masses, where PTI choose social media and PML-N a press conference, to tell the people that the other one is lying. In the same sporadic episode, Ms. Aurangzeb threatened PTI and anyone else from posting against the PM and his family.

In a press conference, she relayed that PTI has started a social media campaign to influence the court’s decision in the Panama Papers case. She said; “PTI continues to create falsehoods to discredit Nawaz Sharif and malign members of his family.”

Social media has been widely used in Pakistan, especially to take out political frustrations but as the decision of the case draws near the government seems to be on edge with the freedom to tweet. It is to be noted here that PM’s family has been named in the Panama Papers which showed how the wealthy have stashed away their money in offshore accounts.

Prime Minister’s son in law on Monday also called for a ban on social media, after giving a speech related to the ongoing blasphemy case. After IHC has directed the Interior Minister to remove the blasphemous pages or ban the social media, many political leaders have come out voicing in favor of the ban.

But the timing of the so-called ban quite conveniently aligns with the time when the Panama case is soon to see its end. The two parties and their members are quite often seen feuding it out on Twitter over which one is telling the truth.

It would quite frankly be surprising to see how the government after shutting down the social media would let people know of the completion of their roads and inauguration of their new projects. The twitter and Facebook pages of PML-N which can be seen as an advertising page of Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif may opt for a new advertising medium.


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