PM spent Rs. 29.7 million on his flight back home in July; NA Revealed

PM spent millions on his flight from London

PM Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif spent PKR 29.7 million on his VVIP flight back to the country after undergoing a medical procedure in London earlier this year. The National Assembly was informed yesterday by Sheikh Aftab Ahmed, Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs while he was speaking on behalf of Minister in charge of the Aviation Division.

On 9th July 2016 PM Pakistan returned home after his stay in London where he underwent open heart surgery. And for his flight back he hitched a ride on the national flag carrier aircraft that was reserved for him and his family.

Such useless and baseless expenses of the government to support their own luxurious lifestyles is a routine expenditure for the elite in power. The same government is when asked for funds to protect the people of Balochistan responds with the worn out statement that federal government doesn’t have funds. With the efficient use of taxpayer money on our beloved PM,  why should there be any funds left to protect the citizens of Pakistan?

The electronic media really is biased and blatantly go after the government, don’t they know the blood of common man has no value unless it has a big bank account to his name. And after any terrorist attack the government officials always do their civic duty of condemning the attack on Twitter, what else do you want from them? Their soul and tears?

It’s about time that we leave them alone and stop with the criticism like we know any better. Wasn’t it the people of this country who brought them to power knowing fully well the government’s past. It was us who gave them the keys of our kingdom while staying happy with all the underpasses, bridges and roads because education, health care and providing the basic necessities is for dumb people.

The punishment of our idiotic decisions while casting a vote is to lose our loved ones, not get treated in our own hospitals, topping the neonatal and maternal mortality charts, getting a joke of education among many other things. In short, while they get treated for their cough from London we are left at the mercy of the good governance of Pakistan.

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