The government has decided to introduce Regulatory Duty (RD) with minor penalties on the used non-registered used mobile phones. Blocked cellphones will be re-activated after paying the regulatory duty on your nearest point.

The step is being taken because as per an estimate, the import of illegal mobile phones in the market put a huge dent of $1.5 Billion in the national treasure whereas the import value of legal phones in the year 2017-18 has summited to $847.656 Million.

Note that Govt. earlier introduced DIRBS, a system to verify legally import phones and to curtail the smuggling of illegal ones to boost up the economy. However, the deadline to block illegal phones was extended from October 20 to an indefinite period.

In a recent development, 15th November is said to be the date to check whether your phone fulfills the regulatory parameters after which unverified handset users will be given a two-month extension to pay the regulatory duty to legalize their phones or else they might get blocked, as media reports.

The regulatory duty on the used mobile phones will be announced in the coming days after the approval of the Federal Cabinet, sources claim.

Regulatory Duty Rates

Before this most recent development, FBR had already announced the regulatory duty for cellphones with different price slabs which is intact till now.

  • Phones with a price tag of $60 are charged Rs.250 duty currently.
  • Cellphone ranging from $60 to $130 are charged a 10% of their price as of now.
  • Similarly, the phones with more than $130 price are bound to have a duty of 20% of their price.

However, the new regulatory duties will be imposed keeping in mind the price tag of cellphones. Nonetheless, it will result in further price jump of cellphones.