whatsapp data hack

The government of Pakistan has directed the government officials for taking extra care while using various mobile apps especially, WhatsApp.

Ministry of Interior in this regard has issued an advisory to the government officials in which it has directed them to take extra precautionary measures while using their mobile phones and computers to avoid the leakage of sensitive information.

They have been asked to avoid opening an email or downloading a file unless it is coming from a known sender.

Since WhatsApp is the most extensively used mobile app among government officials, such as, for their day to day communication including the sharing of documents, the ministry has particularly warned them that their data might get leaked.

The guidelines also include that government officials should not click on any link(s) that could trigger a hacking event.

“Other than well-ranked antivirus apps, no antivirus should be updated from any source including the Google Play since the online store houses numerous such apps that could cause data theft,” the advisory further warns.

WhatsApp is widely in use mobile app among the government departments for carrying out day to day communication.

It is interesting that the guidelines have hit the offices on the day when ex-premier Nawaz Sharif has landed to appear before the courts in Pakistan.

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