Governments spread False Information on Facebook to Mislead People

Facebook misleading posts

Facebook on Thursday made a startling revelation that governments and may organizations manipulate public opinion through their platform.

The social media giant has been under a limelight for quite some time due to its fake news problem. Recently, the company introduced a new educational tool to let users known how to identify fake news and also started deleting a large number of fake accounts.

Facebook acknowledges that their social media platform has become a battleground for governments who seek to manipulate public opinion in other countries. The company also highlighted its various measures to combat this “information operations” that go above the fake news problem.

Various well-funded organizations and Nations in their subtle efforts intentionally spread misleading information and falsehoods for geopolitical goals. Such posts are then intensified through a network of multiple fake accounts (Facebook calls it “false amplifiers”).

The company realizes that this epidemic is more serious than Fake news problem and regards this issue as a much more complex problem than traditional hacking and scamming.

The company aims to go after these amplifier accounts based on behavioral analysis. It would look at sudden bursts of activity or repeated posting of the same material, without regard to the politics of the content.

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