driving license test

The government of Punjab has approved first European electronic driving center for Pakistan. The person who wants to get the driving license will have to go through the computerized driving test. Lahore traffic police are trying to advance the system by using the modern technologies.

The traffic police have decided to build the electronic driving center for the citizens so that they can easily get the driving license. According to the details, instead of waiting in the long queue for the driving license, the citizens will have to go through the online test.

The timing for this test will be five minutes, and the person will have to answer some questions. A person’s driving test will be conducted online via the simulator. To get the license, a person needs to achieve at least 75 percent marks, after which the driving license will be issued to him.

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The electronic centers will be established in October at the Arfa Karim tower, Thokar Niaz Baig, Police Lines, Defence, and CTO office.

Traffic police are doing hard work to make the system better. Earlier, it created parking stands for auto-rickshaws at more than forty important places in Lahore. These places include Liberty, Ichhra, Railway Station, Lari Ada, Thokar Niaz Baig, Model Town, major hospitals and educational institutions.


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