Govt. to block social media accounts of MQM workers

MQM Workers social media accounts

After the hateful speech of Altaf Hussain, anti-Pakistan contents are being posted from many social media accounts that are registered in the name of MQM workers and leaders. The government has decided to take an action against these accounts.

According to our sources, an important meeting took place in the ministry of interior regarding the matters related to the Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM). During the meeting, it was suggested to block the social media accounts of MQM and take action against them under the cybercrime law.

In the meantime, the authorities have started collecting the data of such accounts and the orders are in place to start the action within two days against the owners of these accounts. Moreover, people who are spreading false or propaganda news will also be arrested.

It is worth mentioning that representatives of all provinces were present in the meeting and the decision has been taken with consensus. Authorities informed the meeting participants that some social media blogs and websites are being controlled from outside the country and they are posting anti-Pakistan slogans and posts on them.

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Majority of such blogs have already been blocked and hateful material has also been removed. In addition, accounts and websites that are doing propaganda against Pakistan and its institutions are being closely watched.

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