Online System for medicine supply

In continuation of its efforts to maintain the e-governance in the country and for the prevention of corruption, the government has decided to make an online system of supplying the medicines to the hospitals. The pilot project for supplying the medicines via online system will be started from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore.

In the government hospitals, a massive corruption is continuously on the rise from the supply of the medicine to the purchase of the medicine till it reaches the mouth of the patient.

The staff of many hospitals allegedly takes the heavy bribe from the pharmaceutical companies and the medicine distributors to show a low amount of supplied medicines as high.

In some cases, the medicines that are supplied for the government hospitals with the official seal and stamp are secretly moved somewhere else while on the way to the hospitals. Because of this corruption, the medicines are not timely reached to the pharmacies of the government hospitals.

An important meeting took place under the leadership of Najam Ahmed Shah – Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education, in which it was decided that the medicine companies, which get the contract should supply the medicines to the hospitals via an online system.

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The authority in the hospital should order the amount of the medicine according to the demand, and these orders should be sent via email. The hospital authority should confirm to the companies via email regarding the receipt of the medicines. In this way, the entire medicine record will be computerized. According to the Secretary Health, the new system will assist in ending the corruption in the medicine supply.


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