Govt. imposes ban on hookah, shisha, and laser lights in Punjab

Laser Lights in Punjab

The authorities have imposed a ban on the usage and selling of the laser devices near the airports. Moreover, the smoking of hookah and shisha in the public places, hotels, and clubs has also been banned. The order regarding the prohibition on the hookah, shisha, and laser lights is for all the citizens and will be valid until 30th September. The said ban is imposed according to the section 144 of the criminal jurisdiction.

Earlier, a notice was issued to the Chinese restaurant in Lahore, which was using sharp laser lights for its advertisements. Not only Chinese but many other restaurants, shops of various categories use these lights for their promotion.

Laser Lights on Windscreen
Pilot is unable to see clearly as the laser light is beaming on the windscreen.

The high frequency of the bright laser lights causes a lot of troubles for the pilots in flying the planes. These lights, when used on buildings, distract the pilots. When the beam reaches the windscreen of a cockpit, the pilot fails to see clearly from the glass.

On the other hand, the shisha and hookah smoking is on the rise in the province. People especially young generation are addicted to this kind of things. A complete ban has been imposed on the shisha, hookah smoking near the public places, in the hotels, or clubs.

It is important to mention here that in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the government already implemented a ban on shisha six months ago.

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