Govt introduces online monitoring system for educational institutions

Online monitoring system for educational institutions

The government has decided to start an online monitoring system in the federal educational institutions. The administration will start this system under prime minister’s reforms project.

As per details, the government will launch a monitoring system with the help of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in the educational institutions of Islamabad. After checking the performances of the organisations on the daily basis, the monitoring inspectors will be able to submit their reports online via particular software.

The sources have revealed that the state-of-the-art system will monitor 422 government educational institutions. With this technology, monitoring inspectors will be able to upload the reports regarding the conditions of the organisations quickly via FaceTime. All the information will be readily accessible to them via the Internet. They will be provided with the modern Android-based tablets.

While checking the performances of the institutions, the inspectors will use these tablets to submit the results. All the senior authorities will be able to see this information. For this project, the authorities have specially trained some men and created various teams, which will check the educational organisations located in different sectors of the city on a daily basis.

They will collect and submit the information regarding the presence of the teachers, available facilities, attendance of the students and other important things. Each monitoring inspector will visit two to three educational institutions on a daily basis. After every one month, the officials will review the performance of each organisation after which, the new strategies will be made.

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The online monitoring system will be started from today. The mission of introducing this system is to correct the errors in the organisations. The authorities said that the attendance of teachers and students would undoubtedly be increased with the introduction of this new monitoring system.

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