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The federal government has proposed a development sector budget cut in the departments of, information technology and higher education in the country.

According to the express news, PTI government has amended the budget 2018-2019 suggesting to limit the Public Sector Development Fund (PSDP) to Rs. 675 Billion.

They have given the recommendations to cut Rs. 4 billion 86 crores from information technology, Rs. 14 Billion 14 Crores from the health sector, and Rs. 1 Billion 59 Crores from Higher education projects.

It looks like there is no integration of the policy framework of PTI regarding IT sector. On the one hand, PTI’s KP government is aiming to boost the IT exports to achieve new heights while on the other federal government has limited the IT sector development budget.

The Federal Government has minimized the allocated budget for health projects to Rs. 10 billion 89 crore rupees from Rs. 25 billion 3 crore and 44 lacs.

On the projects of the Higher Education, the government has decreased more than Rs. 14 billion while the HEC’s development budget has been reduced from Rs. 35 billion to Rs. 30 billion.

The PSDP has decided to demolish those development projects which are still unapproved by the government and also a budget cut from those which have less than 20% work completion.

PSDP has also proposed to cut down the development projects of;

  • roads network
  • water reservoirs, and resources
  • Railways
  • Ministry of Industries
  • Interior Ministry
  • NTDC
  • Postal Services
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Aviation
  • Communication Division
  • Federal education and professional training
  • Human Rights

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