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PTI’s Federal Government has launched a dedicated Twitter account under the ministry of information and broadcasting, to curb the fake news and propaganda.

The government has taken this step to ensure that the public doesn’t fall to the fake news circulating at one of the biggest social media platforms while the Twitter users can also tag the ministry’s official account to make sure the news they are having is real or not.

Although the intro under “@FakeNews_Buster” handle says “Official Twitter handle of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for exposing #FakeNews,” it looks like they have planned to only bust those fake news that targets government, ministers, and the relatives of the ministers.

Countering the fake news on social media is the biggest challenge almost all the countries are facing in this age, we all have seen how social media played its negative role in the US Presidential elections.

Although the government has implied that they are going to take strict actions against those responsible for spreading false news, they have not given any mechanism regarding the process.

Other platforms related to social communication, like Facebook and WhatsApp are also showing their pledge against the fake news as recently WhatsApp has also launched a feature to curb the false news while Facebook had played its role in combating fake news and abuse in the general elections 2018 of Pakistan.

Earlier in 2016, Maryam Nawaz had also shown her resolve to take action against those who were tweeting on her’s behalf through fake accounts.

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