GREE to build Air-conditioning & Ventilation systems for Orange Train Project in Lahore

Gree Aircondition for Orange Train

GREE, a home appliances brand, has won the contract to install and manage air-conditioning and ventilation equipment for the Orange Train project, being built in Lahore to provide a mass-transit system for the city. Gree has been appointed to provide the air conditioning and ventilation systems at all public areas within in the Orange Train stations, located all over Lahore.

An innovative Piston-ventilation system will be adopted for the tunnels, through which this train will travel. It is a mega project being undertaken by the company in terms of technologies relating to Virtual Routing & Forwarding (VRF). The installed capacity of VRF in this project will be approximately 6000 USRT. Moreover, the company will also provide all the terminal products and equipment for the Orange Train project, including; 268 split Air conditioners, FCUs (437 Pcs) and AHUs/FAHUs (29 Sets).

Gree Airconditioning system

Gree Electrical Appliances is the largest most innovative air conditioning enterprise in the world – with extensive Research and Development facilities. Gree air conditioners are manufactured at 9 production-bases spread all over the world, including Pakistan. The company has been consistently innovating new technologies to create the best-suited products, in accordance with the experts’ insights and the changing needs of the consumers.  

The DWP Group is the official distributor of Gree Products in Pakistan. It has established a vast network of sales & service centers, to ensure prompt and convenient delivery of products and after-sales services for consumers living in any part of the country.


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