DWP Group has introduced the new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Photovoltaic all DC Inverter by Gree Electric for Commercial/Corporate clients for the first time in Pakistan.

Regarded as the major breakthrough of Gree Photovoltaic air conditioner, Solar VRF, and Centrifugal Photovoltaic all DC Inverter System is a unique technology having the range of water-cooled/air-cooled centrifugal DC inverter types, which is compatible with a complete range of indoor and outdoor units.

After first launching the photovoltaic direct-driven inverter centrifugal chiller in 2013, Gree successively launched the Solar All D.C Inverter VRF system in 2014.

Gree systems incorporate advanced power management removing the need to have DC units in the direct-driven solar VRF system, optimizing power generated from the solar panels and minimizing grid consumption.

An introduction ceremony was held recently in Karachi which was attended by the heads and representatives of the leading commercial and corporate giants. VRF  was launched in Japan more than two decades ago, and this technology is now becoming popular in many developing countries.

Earlier, Gree launched its Viola Inverter AC – a highly energy-efficient smart-inverter. Air conditioning technology that saves 60 percent of the energy, compared with the regular Air Conditioners. It promises an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 4.0.