Greentech which is currently known as the backbone of Samsung mobile phones distribution in Pakistan does not look confident in getting the nod from Nokia for becoming its mobile phone distributor.

As the month of May approaches when Nokia plans to unveil some exciting Android phones in Pakistan’s mobile phone market, folks at the mobile business community are more than excited to see how Finnish company rolls out its operation in the local market.

In Pakistan, choosing a cell phone distributor has always been a major decision for the success of any brand owing to the fact that it is the financial muscle and the selling network of former that ensures every important thing at the end of the day. Speculations have been high that Nokia would start the journey with multiple distributors including the companionship of Advance Telecom, Greentech, and Muller & Phips, however, the company has expressed its desire to rely on a single partner mostly.

In a recent conversation with MORE News, Nokia’s Country Head for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Muhammad Kamran Khan was asked about the brand’s philosophy for appointing the distributors. He responded, “ Right now we are working with a multiple distributors model, but I firmly believe that it cannot work very well considering the price competition in the market that takes away the focus from improving the services offered to users, which ends up hurting the customers. On the other hand, if we were to employ a single distribution partner who understands and realizes our vision, it would likely invest and focus more on providing quality services to our customers”.

Particularly talking about the reports that Greentech might be another major distributor for the company, Kamran stated, “I have a massive amount of respect for Greentech; however, Advance Telecom is the only active distributor of Nokia since last October. Though Muller & Phipps is a legal distributor, Advance Telecom has been importing phones, fulfilling the current demand efficiently”.

It is worth mentioning that Advance Telecom recently quit partnership with Huawei, primarily to show loyalty to Nokia and gain the favor of becoming a sole distributor.

An insider at Greentech has hinted that although, it enjoys the business with Samsung since half of what Samsung legally imports in Pakistan comes through it. However, efforts from the senior management have been underway since past one year to rely on another major brand to neutralize a possible adverse impact that it might face in case the Korean giant changes priorities.

“It seems far from reality now that there would be a business deal between Nokia and Greentech; however, it could be anything in next 4 to 5 months after the launch of smartphones”, the official added.

Director of Greentech, Omer Shinwari however firmly rules out the possibility of rejection from the Finnish company. He states that the company is in talks with Nokia’s regional office in Dubai and it may take another 3 to 4 months for reaching a final decision.

“There is no acceptance or denial from the Nokia’s regional office yet. We are waiting for a decision, and it may take 3 to 4 months”, Omer confirmed.

Sources privy to matter reveal that desperation among the Greentech is rising as the company’s attempt to create a Samsung alternative is not proving successful yet. Recently its effort to bet on Lenovo phones also proved ineffective as it could not go beyond 10,000 mark in a month against a 40 to 50K import of Samsung phones.


    • GreenTech is the distributor of Samsung, which by the way has a bigger market share in contrast to Nokia which clearly has a big challenge in front of it! It doesn’t make any difference to GreenTech.

      • Nokia clearly is the next big thing, didn’t you see the specs and its prices? Clearly you don’t understand the anticipation of the people who are dying to get their hands on Nokia devices. Also Samsung is becoming a thing of the past in Pakistan.

        • Only time will tell if Nokia really is ‘the next big thing.’ For now I don’t think GreenTech should be worried about not getting distribution of a company that has yet to show promise in a market dominated by the likes of local manufacturers such as QMobile.


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