If you happen to visit any mobile phone market in Pakistan, the name Oppo with green background and white in reverse will welcome you no matter which part of the plaza you enter.

Hafeez Center Lahore where the fate of almost every mobile phone brand is tested nearly every day exhibits a similar picture. The unusual display of Oppo, a rather new entrant, is enough to question the marketing strategies of other leading brands of likes Samsung, Huawei and QMobile.

After showing a silence of a couple of years, the Oppo is back in Pakistani mobile phone market with a somewhat different strategy which seems to have started working for it. The Chinese mobile phone brand which earlier tried its luck in Pakistan back in 2014 learned from its experience, and this time, rebirth is much promising.

From mere 3000 to 4000 units that it sold in a month, Oppo is reportedly importing over 25,000 mobile phones every month now.

The Chinese company has over 28 branded shops in Hafeez Centre alone while its phones are available at more than 90 retail stores in the market.

This mega visibility of the brand name along with extensive follow up by Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor through TV ads and local drama branding, Oppo has successfully registered itself into the minds of Pakistani mobile phone lovers, especially the ones who had already trashed their feature phones for their first affordable smartphones and now looking for a reasonably priced and a better feature rich smartphones.

As a part of their next year’s strategy famous fashion icon HSY has partnered with the brand to promote its certain camera phones. An Oppo official also hinted that it is planning to bring onboard known brand ambassadors in the year 2017.

Various market reports suggest that Oppo has recently started to sell some 25,000 phones every month which is filling the gaps left unattended by the leaders, Samsung and Huawei.

Analysts are of the view that the emerging company has gobbled down the market share of Huawei and capitalised on the fumbling Samsung which is already bearing the brunt of Note 7 fiasco and stock less situation in Pakistan for various other models.

A little survey revealed that models like F1s and A37 are the ones paving the way for the company. Oppo F1s at Rs. 25,000, is primarily a camera phone with a mammoth 3GB RAM and 3075 mAh battery that can get recharged much quicker than other phones on the market.

How Oppo convinced the market

The reasonably priced feature rich smartphones could be one of the luring aspects to an end customer, however, what turned the market crazy was lavish spending from the company in terms of guaranteed prizes for the phone buyers and a healthy margin for the shop owner.

Oppo prize scheme at Hafeez Center
A stall by Oppo at Hafeez Center Lahore for rewarding who every buys its phone

A local dealer at Hafeez Center told MORENews that all those selling Oppo phones are getting a healthy margin that no other mobile phone sellers offer here.

“I can earn around Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 on selling one Oppo phone which is equivalent to what I make after selling 6 to 8 Huawei or Samsung phones”, told Waqar a local retail seller.

“It is clean and easier. I don’t have to fight for my profit since the company ensures my interest by maintaining a fixed price of phones in the market which is not the scene in case of other brands”, Waqar added further.

Pakistan is currently importing 1.7 to 1.9 million mobile phones every month. While the share of smartphone rises significantly in a market that is equipped with 3G and 4G with over 35 million mobile data subscribers, it offers many prospects for serious mobile phone players.

Huawei mobile phone prize
Fierce competition can be seen as Huawei starts lucky draws for its customers



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