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Pakistan is going to face acute water shortage in the future if we ignore the water crisis issue in the country. The civil society is creating awareness among the general public about the problem but it was the Chief justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar, who initiated a dam fund when he was told that no international organization was ready to provide us any loan.

Later on, PM Imran Khan also joined the cause and appealed overseas Pakistanis to donate generously.

To ease down the process of selecting the right channel to donate the fund, we have compiled a list of banks/outlets for Pakistanis living in the country and abroad.

How to Donate if you are in Pakistan

If you are residing in the country, there are plenty of options for you; you may opt what suits you the best.

1- Through Bank Counters

All commercial and microfinance banks in Pakistan and area offices of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) are accepting the donations at their counters.

Supreme Court Dam fund

The donors may deposit their donations at any branch of the banks. Each contribution collected by these banks is resolved individually with the SBP through Pakistan Real-time Settlement System (PRISM) within 30 minutes. The microfinance banks, which are not PRISM signatories, settle their affairs through their respective head office.

2- Through ATM and Internet Banking

The banks have also provided their clients’ with other channels to make donations, which are;

  • Internet banking
  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

All banks are prominently illustrating the IBAN of the Fund on their websites and ATMs screens, besides sending the same to their clients’ through SMS.

3- Mobile Phone Operators

You can also send the donation through your mobile phone. Whichever your service provider is just type ‘dam’ and text it to 8000.

4- Branchless Banking

The banks that are allowing Branch-less Banking (BB) have permitted their BB agents (Easypaisa, Upaisa, and others) to collect funds in cash only against a usual receipt also confirmed by the text message.

The money so obtained by the BB agents shall be directly credited to the dam fund account. No extra charges or taxes are to be paid by the donor whatsoever.

How to donate from abroad?

The following are the options, which overseas Pakistanis can avail to send the donations back at homeland for dam fund.

1- Wire transfer to Nostro account but only through NBP, New York

The overseas Pakistanis having a bank account overseas may contribute in the dam fund through wire transfer. They have to request their respective bank to send the funds
in US Dollars to the SBP Nostro account;

  • Payee’s SWIFT Code: SBPPPKKA
  • ABA Routing Number: 026004721
  • Bank Address: NEW YORK, U.S.A
  • Payee’s Account No: 55854560
  • Bank SWIFT Code: NBPAUS33

Please also ensure that you have to know the following information before sending the donation remittance.

  • Sender’s Name and full address
  • Date of birth and Place of birth
  • Purpose of transfer: Contribution in the Fund for water reservoirs
  • If you want to avail SBP Nostro wire service, you must have an account abroad

2- Transfer through Money Transfer Services

The overseas Pakistanis can also transfer donations back home for dam fund by using the services like Money Gram, western union and others. What they have to do is, provide the account number and IBAN of the dam fund account to the agent.

Name of Bank Account Number IBAN Number
Habib Bank Limited 7865555556603
MCB Bank Limited 1022736261007751
Standard Chartered Bank 1722155901
United Bank Limited 109000250544886
Dubai Islamic Bank 490197001
Bank of China 100002600000717
Deutsche Bank 0000000526376000

For the IBAN and account nos’ of other banks, please click here.

3- Donations at Pakistan Missions, Consulates, and Embassies

The overseas Pakistanis may deposit their contributions with Pakistan’s Mission in the respective country.

4- Deposit at branches of domestic banks abroad

One can also deposit funds at the foreign subsidiaries of local commercial banks of Pakistan. For that, you have to visit the bank and then provide the necessary details.

5- Transfer through Debit/Credit Cards

You can also choose your debit or a credit card for donating to the dam fund. What you have to do is visit this link of State Bank here.

6- Transfer through E-Banking

Overseas Pakistanis, having e-banking means from their banks overseas can use this facility to send donations in Pakistan for dam fund.

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