About two weeks ago Instagram recognized the existence of a security incident that affected several users – and that apparently continues to affect – in which cybercriminals took possession of a large number of accounts, modifying the passwords and the associated email accounts.

In this context, the social network announced yesterday the launch of three new Instagram security features for greater protection of the millions of accounts that make up the community.

Using Third-party Applications for Two-Step Authentication

One of the three novelties is an improvement in the use of double authentication factor that will allow Instagram users to use third-party applications for this process. This way of using the double authentication factor will make the entry into the account easier and more secure.

How to Use Authentication Apps

  • You must go to the option “configuration” within your profile
  • Choose the option “Authentication of two steps”
  • Select the “Application of authentication”.
  • If you already have an authentication app on your device, the platform will automatically identify it and send a code to access the account.
  • In case the user does not have an authentication app he will be redirected to Google Play or App Store to download one of his choices┬álike Google Authenticator and DUO Mobile.

Evaluate the Authenticity of Instagram Accounts

With the running of the weeks, the option that will allow users to obtain more information about those accounts that have a large number of followers will be active, a nice move to enhance Instagram security.

How to Check Account Authenticity

  • Users will only have to go to the profile of the account
  • Display the menu that appears in the upper right corner (…)
  • Selects the option “About this Account”.

Although this option will be appearing little by little, those who already have it available will be able to see the date in which the account was created, the country where it is located, changes in the user’s name during the last year and the publicity that is currently showing.

In the course of September, those users who have accounts with a reach above the average will be able to review the information that will be displayed before it is publicly available with the option “About this Account”.

Account verification form on Instagram

Another novelty is the possibility that those accounts that have a large scope, such as a famous person, and who meet certain criteria, may send a request to obtain official verification. Yes, a blue tick, same as Twitter. This request consists of a form that will be sent through the application enhancing Instagram security.

“The verified badge represents the authentic presence of a public figure, celebrity, international brand or prominent entity.”, Instagram states.

How to Request Blue Tick

To request verification and complete the form, those interested should;

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Display the menu
  3. Select the option “Configuration” or “Settings”
  4. Select the option “Request Verification”
  5. Fill out the details, attach ID card and submit