Haier Deep Freezers Top the Market, maintain Cooling for 100 hours Without Electricity

Haier Deep Freezers

Think deep freezers. Think Haier – your one and only choice for a market leading innovation, functional design, user-friendly features, long life reliability, and the widest choice of storage capacities. Ever popular with shop and restaurant owners, hoteliers and house holders, Haier deep freezers are designed to retain cooling temperatures for a whopping 100 hours after electricity is switched off. This is a real boon for anyone needing to store large quantities of food and other perishables without worrying about power disruption.

There is a Haier Deep Freezer for everyone, given the wide range of storage capacities available. These come in various sizes ranging from 8.7 Cu.ft. To an enormous 19 cu. ft. of storage space, making it the largest deep freezer on the market today.

Pure Materials & Design Excellence

The door or top lid is leak proof and has three layers of pure foam padding to retain cooling at the freezing point. Pure and virgin plastic has been used to mold the plastic parts and make them completely resistant to rust. This in itself will enhance the product life and, add years of durability for reliable operation even under extreme operating conditions.

In Haier deep freezers insulation material is applied using high pressure micro cellular foaming technique, to retain cooling inside the cabinet, for long hours after power is switched off.

This also helps decrease electricity consumption since the compressor trip periods also increase – which means the compressor has to work less to retain cooling for longer periods of time because of super excellent foaming.

All Haier deep freezers have the Fast Freezing feature to take down the temperature to the freezing point quickly and efficiently.

The long life compressor is complemented by a 5 side copper evaporator to enhance overall cooling. The use of CFC free refrigerant makes Haier Freezers environment-friendly.

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