haier LED

It’s like your window to the real world. It’s an experience to behold and wonder. A LED television that takes high definition television (HDTV) beyond anything you have seen or experienced before now. It’s called Ultra High Definition or 4K technology.

Haier in keeping with its reputation as one of the most innovative and advanced brands on the market has introduced this new LED Television, capable of playing 4K content, which is now increasingly coming into the market. With four times the resolution of traditional HD displays, 4K Ultra HD offers a massive improvement in picture clarity over existing HD resolutions – far beyond the capability of ordinary LEDs.

With Haier’s new LE65U6500U, large screen LED Television all you have to do is to use the built-in 4K video support feature – just plug in the USB, sit back and watch your favorite content come to life, with four times the resolution offered by UHD TV on a big 65” inch screen.

This new model, just introduced into the Pakistan market will also save you up to 20,000 rupees by eliminating the need for you to buy 4K video player.

Haier’s new LE65U6500U model offers many other features to take home entertainment beyond the normal. With its super slim bezel, unique color (Gold) and great features like USB 4K Video support input, Smart Share, Wireless Network Support, and HDMI all packed into an elegant, aesthetically appealing design; the new Haier LED is your #1 choice for an out of this world experience.


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