Haier Mobile starts ‘free distribution’ of 2,100 smartphones at McDonalds

Haier Mobile

Do you want to get a Haier Mobile for free? There is a new promotion from the company which will give you a chance to win one of the smartphones from the middle or higher end range.

These smartphones will be given on 37 McDonalds outlets all over the country. Haier Mobile and McDonald, in this regard, has entered into a joint promotion where, on the purchase of any value meal, customers of McDonalds will become eligible for taking part in the lucky draw.

Haier Mobile will distribute 70 smartphones every day, and the offer run through the whole month starting from today (March 19) which translates into distributing a total of 2100 smartphones.

While Haier will be distributing the smartphones, whereas, McDonalds will be responsible for marketing and advertising the promotion.

The deal targets to create a ripple in the local market and gathers the attention of the smartphone buyers.

Mr.Zeshan Qureshi (CEO Haier Mobile) stated that Haier Mobile has already collaborated with other mega-brands of the industry and is now joining hands with one of the biggest fast-food franchise in Pakistan. It gives Haier Mobile great pleasure to get closer to its existing fan base and to engage new audiences by conducting such activities and offering the best value to our customers.

Haier has made waves in the Mobile phone industry by offering the right mix of products to its customers. The product range of Haier Mobile is crafted to perfection; the full range consists of three categories, Klassic, Pursuit, and Esteem, which are brilliantly designed for our market as they cater to every segment seamlessly.

The mobile phone company firmly believes in giving back to Pakistan and, therefore, is now planning to assemble mobile phones in Pakistan. Such initiatives will prove Haier Mobile’s commitment to the Pakistan market and will make it a brand, representative of the people of Pakistan.

  1. This is all frod i went and won after my dad said give the mobile we won peacefully then they gave us the worst mobile althought we got the best one.i will never go there again.

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