Haier Turbo Cooling Series

Haier is the global leader in refrigeration technology. With many ground breaking patents to its credit Brand Haier continues to set the industry standards in most major categories of home appliances including refrigerators particularly the high-end Turbo Cooling Series with the coolest features on the market.

Especially engineered for the most severe operating conditions, the Turbo Cooling Series has left the competition far behind with 30% more speed cooling, 50% energy savings and 100 hours of cooling retention without electricity, features that have caught the imagination of discerning consumers all over Pakistan.

Dubbed the fastest and deepest cooling refrigerator, the Turbo Cooling Series will take temperatures down to a truly freezing minus 25 degrees quickly and efficiently. This is minus 7 degrees of extra cooling than the competition which is still stuck at a maximum of minus 18 degrees. Speed cooling will ensure that freezing temperatures are reached and maintained just two hours after switch on, which is a full one hours faster than any other brand.

The Haier Turbo Series has the longest cooling retention capacity as shown in lab tests. Here again, Haier comes out on top compared to the other brands with a full 100 hours of cooling retention in case of prolonged power breakdown.

At a time of rising energy costs, with higher monthly electricity bills, the Turbo Cooling Series is again the savior, with proven 50% savings in energy consumption.

All in all the Turbo Cooling Series offers its owner great benefits with fastest, deepest, most balanced cooling, excellent cooling retention for the longest period of time without electricity and significantly more energy cost savings.

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